The Avengers Battle the Earth-Wrecker

Avengers - Earth-Wrecker - L

Look what I just discovered in the latest clear-out! I’d forgotten all about this. Published in 1967, it’s an original Avengers novel published by Bantam Books in June 1967 and written by SF stalwart Otto Binder, one half of the famous duo Eando Binder (E and O Binder: for years, I thought Eando was a real name). I bought this in the early 1980s, haven’t read it since… I shall move it to the top of my must-read pile!

avengers novel back

The book appeared without fanfare… Not a single ad in any Marvel comics, not even a mention in comics’ Bullpen pages, and this was a time when Marvel were not shy to sing their own praises. In fact, within the comics the only acknowledgement of the book I can find is a letter that appeared in issue #46 of The Avengers (November 1967)…

avengers 46 letter



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