Avengers: The Old Order Changeth!

Avengers #13 - p1Look what I just found: my very first Avengers comic! This is issue 13 of the UK edition of The Avengers, reprinted from #16 of the US edition of The Avengers: Marvel UK had reprinted The Avengers’ first couple of issues in Mighty World of Marvel, so they skipped those issues when they gave the team their own title.

I recall removing the cover so that I could cut out the characters: The Avengers was the first of the Marvel UK titles to have glossy covers, which I thought was astonishingly cool. It seems that I decided to make up for the loss of the cover by colouring in Giant Man and Iron Man on the splash-page and writing #13 in the top-right corner. Didn’t fool anyone, I suspect, but given that the cover date is December 15, 1973, I think I did a pretty good job for someone who was only 7¾ years old!

Avengers #13 - p1 - origFor comparison, here’s the original coloured (sorry: “colored”) version from the US edition…  Interesting to note that someone has expanded the artwork at the sides and bottom: you can clearly see where the new stuff doesn’t quite match the original.

Avengers #13 - p1 - comparisonAbove: I pasted the US version over the UK version to illustrate how much was added… It could be that the US splash page was cropped from the Kirby/Ayers artwork, and the original was used for the reprint, but that seems unlikely given that the lettering is identical.

Avengers #13 coversFor what it’s worth, here are the US and UK covers side-by-side (the Marvel UK reprints usually just used the US covers – suitably adjusted – but occasionally completely new covers were supplied).


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