Judge Dredd Sugar Puffs

Judge Dredd meets the Honey Monster on this 1995 Sugar Puffs cereal box.

Sugar Puffs Dredd

There were two different boxes in the promotion, the other one being a rather not-bad cut-out ABC Warrior robot, which I never managed to get. 😦

Each box came with one of three free Judge Dredd “poster packs” — Dredd’s World, Dredd’s Hardware or Mean & Dangerous — each containing a smallish fold-out poster and a number of stickers. Actually a pretty good freebie, to be honest.

22 years on, I’m still impressed that the promotion for the Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd movie was fairly heavily targeted at kids who were too young to go and see the movie.

Below: the Honey Monster masquerading as a Judge meets Sylvester Stallone in this surprisingly well-edited ad.


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