Master of Menace!

Free with issue #7 of the relaunchedEagleVol2IPCMagazinesL31671_f Eagle (8th May, 1982, right), this oddly washed-out poster of Dan Dare’s arch-nemesis The Mekon.

Subsequent issues provided colour “Cut-Out-And-Collect-And-Ruin-Your-Comic” pictures of Dan Dare and supporting characters to fill the gaps.

Mekon poster s

mekon poster pic1Usually Fleetway/IPC comics of the era had free gifts with the first three issues, and then the “collect a multi-part something” ruse kicked in around issue seven or eight as a way to ensure that the readers kept buying the comic, as we have here, but it was unusual for another free gift to appear so early in a comic’s life: it would very likely have been commissioned before the first issue even went on sale.


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