Star Trek / X-Men novel!

Apparently the world is going to end again on Saturday September 23rd, thanks to the mysterious “Planet X” gently smashing into our lovely homeworld. News of that has reminded me of this unusual novel from my collection… The Star Trek: The Next Generation / X-Men crossover novel Planet X by Michael Jan Friedman (Pocket Books, 1998).

Planet Xs

trekxThis isn’t the first time that the Trek and X-Men universes have collided: that was a one-off comic-book called Star Trek: X-Men in which Kirk, Spock & McCoy and that lot meet up with a sort of “fans’ favourite” line-up of the X-Men: Wolverine, Jean Grey, Storm, The Beast, Gambit, Bishop and Cyclops. Actually, that last one disproves the idea that it was a “fans’ favourite” line-up because Cyclops is no one’s favourite. Not even Cyclops’s. It’s a fun comic, with my favourite part being the minor confusion with the two Dr. McCoys (if you’re not an X-Men fan: The Beast’s real name is Hank McCoy, and he’s got a doctorate). It was successful enough to lead to a Next Gen / X-Men comic-book crossover called Second Contact and that, ultimately, led to this novel.

The plot of Planet X sees the crew of the Enterprise D dealing with a planet where ordinary people are spontaneously becoming mutants. The X-Men show up from their own dimension to help save the day.

As crossover novels go, it’s pretty good fun. Lots of action and plenty of nice touches such as the characters noting the resemblance between Captain Jean Luc Picard and Professor Charles Xavier… before Patrick Stewart had been cast as Professor X in the first X-Men movie.

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