Daredevil #180

I don’t have a lot of valuable comics (I do own a lot of comics, but I collect them to read, not for their monetary value), but this is possibly one of the most valuable.

Daredevil #180 signed s

Daredevil #180, from March 1982, direct edition – you can tell it’s a Direct Edition because there’s no barcode, and the top-left corner of the cover features both the US and UK prices.

I received it as part of a “mystery bundle” of comics at a US convention. Ten dollars for ten comics, as far as I recall, with the proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (a very worthwhile non-profit organisation that helps to protect the rights of comic-book creators, publishers and retailers).

Seasoned collectors will have a better idea than I do whether it’s rare… It’s probably not that rare as such, except that (a) it appears to be in excellent condition, (b) it’s been signed by Frank Miller who wrote and pencilled the story, (c) it’s been authenticated by the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund, and best of all, (d) it’s from Miller’s personal collection. It’s even stamped “Complimentary Copy” across the front cover!

I’m almost tempted to get it professionally graded and slabbed…

I know it’s not the only one in existence: I found someone on a comics forum talking about their own copy – also a signed, complimentary copy of #180 – and they eventually received an email from one of the directors of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund:

“Frank Miller donated several boxes of his comp copies to CBLDF more than 10 years ago, including the one that you received, as verified by the COA. There aren’t details on each individual item, but the fact that the one your received is stamped ‘complimentary copy’ verifies it was part of the comps distributed to freelancers.”

I will consider offers anywhere north of a million US dollars…


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