Altered Images: Zig & Zag meet Judge Dredd!

(Update April 17, 2018: David Butler directed me to a tweet from DoubleZCreative — who are certainly in a position to know — dated 1 November 2017 that states the artist in question was John Moore.)

Original post: August 1, 2017:

Zig and Zag Dredd

zigandzagzogazineZig and Zag meet Judge Dredd in the first issue of Zig and Zag’s Zogazine (October 1994, artist unknown). The colours of Dredd’s uniform aren’t exactly standard… but it’s still closer than the uniform in the Sylvester Stallone movie.


Below: I’ve made a quick attempt at correcting the colours in Dredd’s uniform…

Zig and Zag Dredd recoloured

Zig and Zag’s Zogazine sadly only lasted for six issues, as far as I can tell, but they’re definitely worth tracking down! Great stuff!


5 thoughts on “Altered Images: Zig & Zag meet Judge Dredd!

    1. Zig and Zag were awesome — and their comic was great! Pity it didn’t last very long: as far as I know, it was only around for six issues (October 1994 to March 1995) — I could be wrong about that, though: hope I am!


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