Oddities #20191115

Dredged from the cloudy depths of memory canal… the Dublin Event Guide for 7-20 April 1992!

Dublin Event Guide 19920407 Dredd

Yes, that’s Judge Dredd on the cover, drawn by absolute legend Cam Kennedy, reproduced almost certainly without permission — the cover is not credited within, nor even directly mentioned.

Dublin Event Guide was — as the name implies — an event guide for the Irish capital city. Music reviews, listings, relevant articles, ads, etc. It’s approximately A3 size, twenty pages, and completely free, which is pretty good value. The cover feature refers to a hefty and comprehensive article within written by John Kenny, a prominent member of the Irish Science Fiction Association and a cracking good writer and editor (back in the day, John’s concise and insightful editing of one of my short stories really opened my eyes to what I was doing, and showed me how to be a better writer).

Following an introduction, the article covers the SF and related scenes in Dublin with sub-sections on Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Comics, Graphic Novels, Films, TV, Magazines, Fanzines, Role Playing Games, Music, New Age, Virtual Reality, The Future, Bookshops and Organisations.

Of interest to readers of this blog, the titles mentioned in the Comics section are 2000AD, Judge Dredd, Swamp Thing, Sandman, Hard Boiled, Heavy Metal and Hellblazer, while the Graphic Novels section names Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, V for Vendetta, Love and Rockets, Heartbreak Soup and Swamp Thing again.

“So, Unky Rusty, what was it really like in Dublin back in the olden days of 1992?” Well, kid, it was a different world. No mobile phones, no internet. To entertain ourselves, we had to go to see plays or bands, which we did occasionally, or the movies — which we did a lot. I remember one day Mrs-to-be Rusty and I went into the city with the idea of visiting the cinema and realised that we’d seen every movie showing in the whole city. Some of them more than once.

Here’s a list of the movies playing in Dublin during the two weeks covered by this issue of the Dublin Event Guide: 3 Joes, Barton Fink, Black Rose, Bugsy, Cape Fear, The Commitments, Coupe de Ville, Delicatessen, Father of the Bride, Fried Green Tomatoes, Hear My Song, J.F.K., The Last Boy Scout, My Girl, Necessary Roughness, Paris Trout, The Prince of Tides, Shining Through, Silence of the Lambs, Star Trek VI, Suburban Commando, Thelma & Louise, White Room.

It really is a sign that times have changed for the better: not a single one of those movies is based on a comic-book. Disgraceful!


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