Support the Cartoon Museum, London

cartoon museum logo

The excellent Cartoon Museum in London has a huge collection of rare and vintage comics and cartoons, and regularly features exhibitions on specific themes, artists or publications. Not counting visits to family members, for me it’s the #1 reason I’m itching to go back to London.

me at cartoon museum 1

The museum moved to a new, larger premises last year and shortly after it opened Mrs Rusty and I paid a visit… it’s a fantastic place for anyone with an interest in cartoons, comics or other forms of graphic art — or social history — and well worth a visit.

me at cartoon museum 3
Judge Dredd standing guard over the precious original 2000AD artwork!

Unfortunately, you can’t visit the Cartoon Museum right now because of the Coronavirus lockdowns… so though the museum can’t accept visitors, they’ve still got to pay the rent and other bills. The museum doesn’t receive any regular government or local authority funding: three quarters of its annual income comes from admissions, purchases, school visits, and venue bookings.

To that end, they’re currently raising much-needed funds: if you can, please do help! You can donate via the MoneyGiving page, or you can buy one of these excellent exclusive t-shirts created by Rebellion (publishers of 2000AD and the Treasury of British Comics):

cartoon museum invasion t-shirt

The shirt features Invasion 1984! by Eric Bradbury, first published on the cover of Battle Picture Weekly #423 (11 Jun 1983).

battle #423 11 jun 1983

It’s a great cover, a cracking t-shirt and a very worthy cause!



Me and my pal Dennis (and his pal Gnasher)…

me at cartoon museum 2
Photos by Leonia the Adorable

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