Comic Storage!

After forty-three and a half years, I’ve finally managed to get my 2000AD collection properly organised.

Each box contains two calendar years’ worth of 2000AD issues: the box labels — right — list the first and last issue and the relevant years.

When I posted about this on-line a few people on-line asked for more details…

A. What shelving system is this? Looks like a Kallax!

A. Yep, I’ve got two Ikea “Kallax” 4×3 units. I’d originally planned to get a single 5×5 unit, which would give me one more “cell” than two 4×3 units, but they were out of stock.

Q. What sort of boxes are you using?

A. They’re just Ikea’s “Pappis” boxes. They’re not particularly thick or strong cardboard so they wouldn’t stand up to too much stress, but we don’t expect to be moving them much and they only cost €1 each!

Q. Why didn’t you change the labels’ logos to match the comic’s logo changes over the years?

A. It’d be too hard to decide which logo to use for each box… Inconsiderately, all the logo changes happen mid-box!

I followed this with a similar system for my copies of Judge Dredd Megazine

Here, I’m using a 4×2 Kallax unit, with the same Pappis boxes.

Because the Meg kept resetting the issues numbers to #1 (and changed publication frequency several times) the numbering system for the boxes isn’t as clear as on the 2000AD box labels, but it makes sense to me, so I’m happy with it! Each box holds between two and five years’ worth of megs.

One thought on “Comic Storage!

  1. Looks fantastic Mike! Might consider this idea myself if I get round to it!
    My project for then new year is to rebag and board my issues. Think I need about 70 to complete the lot.
    What order do you put the specials into?


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