Most Popular Posts of 2021!

A quick and brief round-up of an overview of a look back at the year that was last year: 2021.

As I promised in last year’s look back at the previous year, I ditched my plan to post at least one entry every week: doing so freed up a lot of time that I was able to divide between idly daydreaming about winning imaginary arguments with jerks, and needlessly wallowing in unwarranted self-pity. So, time well-spent, I think.

The posts of 2021 that were most popular I now present here in reverse numerical order. Last year, and the previous year, I listed the top ten posts, but this year four of the top ten are from the same category so I’ve lumped them together. (As before, I’m not counting the Hatch, Match and Dispatch articles.)

10. Altered Images: Sub-Mariner
Haven’t done a lot of these things this year, but this one seemed to have hit the right notes with many people. I’m a huge fan of the Sub-Mariner and I’m still waiting for the character to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or, indeed, even outside the MCU.

9, 8, 7 & 6. Comics on TV
The Comics on TV series proved to be very popular, and the page-hits for 2021’s four entries in the series were all pretty closely matched: Eastenders, Dempsey and Makepeace, The Young Ones and Call the Midwife. (As always, please, there’s no need to tell me that plenty of British comics appeared on the classic sitcom Spaced. I already know. The purpose of these articles is to have some fun spotting comics in shows where we wouldn’t expect to find them!)

5. Richard Donner, 1930-2021
Superman The Movie was hugely influential for me, probably more than any other movie I’d watched as a kid, and the death of its director hit me harder than I’d expected.

4. My Guy Timeline
I reckon I’m still not finished with this one… And I possibly never will be because many of My Guy‘s ancestors were “proper” magazines, and data for them is generally even scarcer and muddier than it is for comics.

3. Zip’s Secret Origin!
Comic historian and dealer Phil Shrimpton accidentally stumbled on a long-forgotten fact about Zip comic… one of those secrets that blows everything wide open! (Well, not really, but I found it interesting!)

2. British Comics Top-10 Issue-Count Chart!
Unusually, the top-ten issue-count chart changed twice in 2021 — see the first time here, second time here — thanks to a certain alien-edited comic marching ever onwards!

1. Uncle Rusty’s British Comics Timelines
My round-up of all the blog’s comic timelines — which was inspired by far too many e-mails that asked, “Why don’t you do X..?” when I’d already done X ages ago.

Thank you all for your support throughout 2021, readers! If you’ve enjoyed this blog, you might also like its younger sibling blog From Mars, which is less comics-focused but just as much fun, if not even funner!

I hope that the coming year brings you happiness, peace, health, wealth, and an unquenchable desire to buy my books! (Please? Even one? It costs money to keep this blog and From Mars ad-free, you see, and I don’t even earn anything from them!)

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