Pocket-Money Comics: The Complete Judge Dredd

As mentioned in this month's Hatch, Match & Dispatch feature, The Complete Judge Dredd title came to an end twenty-five years ago. Launched in February 1992, it boasted the clever tagline of "The Law in Order" and ran for forty-two monthly black-and-white issues, which isn't a bad old run for a comic that -- aside … Continue reading Pocket-Money Comics: The Complete Judge Dredd

British Comics Top-10 Issue-Count Chart – 2020 edition!

2000AD -- the legendary British Science Fiction anthology comic -- has now reached issue 2176, which means that it's time for me to fulfil the Ancient Prophecy I made in the last version of the issue-count chart and provide an updated edition. (You'll possibly have spotted that I've stopped describing these things as Longevity Charts … Continue reading British Comics Top-10 Issue-Count Chart – 2020 edition!

Most Popular Posts of 2019!

I'm happy to announce that Rusty Staples' sophomore year ("sophomore" is American high-school slang for "second") was even more successful than its first, even despite the four-month drought in the summer when I was too busy to post anything (due to a heavy workload, a week's holiday in London, the World Science Fiction Convention in … Continue reading Most Popular Posts of 2019!

Comics That Never Were #1

While writing about Before Watchmen last week I was reminded that occasionally comics are promised but they don't arrive. Sometimes this is because of economic or political factors, other times it's because the creators changed their minds, or were otherwise unable or unwilling to produce the work. Now and then it's because the comic was … Continue reading Comics That Never Were #1