The British Comics Top-11 Longevity Chart!

PLEASE NOTE: This chart is now OUT OF DATE!  Click here for the latest version! Checking back over this site yesterday I spotted an error... I'd long believed that the British humour comic Buster had lasted 2080 issues: the same number of issues that the science fiction anthology comic 2000AD reaches today (9 May 2018). … Continue reading The British Comics Top-11 Longevity Chart!

Journey Planet #39: Judge Dredd

Now on-line, totally free and ready for you to download - the Judge Dredd issue of Journey Planet, the Hugo Award-winning fanzine! 99 pages packed with all-new articles on Dredd, the creators that shaped him, features from the folks behind the Dredd fanzines Zarjaz and Sector 13, plus interviews with Patrick Mills, John Wagner, strips, … Continue reading Journey Planet #39: Judge Dredd

The Stainless Steel Rat – original artwork!

Ahem… Look what’s just arrived at Carroll Towers: Carlos Ezquerra’s actual original artwork for the opening double-page spread of The Stainless Steel Rat, from 2000AD #142, cover date 8 December 1979! The 2000AD adaptation of Harry Harrison’s classic SF novel The Stainless Steel Rat had probably the single greatest impact on my formative years. Not … Continue reading The Stainless Steel Rat – original artwork!

Altered Images: 2000AD Annual 1980

The cover of the 1980 2000AD Annual (art by Gerry Woods) is a minor classic, but it’s always bugged me that Judge Dredd’s visor, glove and elbow-pad were the wrong colour… So I’ve fixed them... Some folks on-line pointed out that Bill Savage's head is disproportionately large, and Tharg isn't quite green enough, so I've … Continue reading Altered Images: 2000AD Annual 1980