Support the Cartoon Museum, London

The excellent Cartoon Museum in London has a huge collection of rare and vintage comics and cartoons, and regularly features exhibitions on specific themes, artists or publications. Not counting visits to family members, for me it's the #1 reason I'm itching to go back to London. The museum moved to a new, larger premises last … Continue reading Support the Cartoon Museum, London

Clogging the Newsagent’s Shelves Since 1867!

(Updated! See the notes below!) All right, chums, brace yourselves and each other because we're about to sail into waters that have been very sketchily charted... There could well be dragons. There will almost certainly be errors. For the past several years I've been attempting to compile a database of every British comic and story-paper … Continue reading Clogging the Newsagent’s Shelves Since 1867!

British Comics Top-10 Issue-Count Chart – 2020 edition!

2000AD -- the legendary British Science Fiction anthology comic -- has now reached issue 2176, which means that it's time for me to fulfil the Ancient Prophecy I made in the last version of the issue-count chart and provide an updated edition. (You'll possibly have spotted that I've stopped describing these things as Longevity Charts … Continue reading British Comics Top-10 Issue-Count Chart – 2020 edition!

Introducing… MADCAP!

If you're a collector of comics -- especially British comics of the sort that feature rather frequently on this blog -- then I'm hoping that you'll like MADCAP! MADCAP is brand-new, exciting, zany, avant-gardey and zeitgeisty, technologically advanced, quirky, gluten-free, anti-bacterial and -- best of all -- it's available right now, and all for the … Continue reading Introducing… MADCAP!