Journey Planet: Battle Picture Weekly

Forty-five years ago the war comic Battle Picture Weekly crashed down into the British comics scene with such an impact that the aftershocks are still being felt today. Now, in a special double-sized issue, the award-winning fanzine Journey Planet takes a look back at this fan-favourite -- and sometimes controversial -- comic, and presents all-new … Continue reading Journey Planet: Battle Picture Weekly

Journey Planet #39: Judge Dredd

Now on-line, totally free and ready for you to download - the Judge Dredd issue of Journey Planet, the Hugo Award-winning fanzine! 99 pages packed with all-new articles on Dredd, the creators that shaped him, features from the folks behind the Dredd fanzines Zarjaz and Sector 13, plus interviews with Patrick Mills, John Wagner, strips, … Continue reading Journey Planet #39: Judge Dredd

Journey Planet #33: No More Heroes: A History of Irish Comics, part 2

Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, it's the second issue in our look at the History of Irish Comics. Pádraig Ó Méalóid and Michael Carroll join Chris and James in this issue featuring interviews with legends Steve Dillon and Neil Bailey, as well as articles from Michael Carroll, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, James Bacon, and … Continue reading Journey Planet #33: No More Heroes: A History of Irish Comics, part 2

Journey Planet #23: Dan Dare

Issue #23 of the free on-line fanzine takes a look at Britain's legendary science fiction hero Dan Dare, with Michael Carroll co-editing! It's a massive issue that looks at the Colonel in print and everywhere! Featuring words from James Bacon, Richard Bruton, Jim Burns, Chris Garcia, James Shields, Bryan Talbot and many, many more! Download … Continue reading Journey Planet #23: Dan Dare