In-Shallow Profile: Marvel Super Specials

The Marvel Super Specials series was a collection of one-shot comics published from September 1977 to November 1986, most of them featuring adaptations of then-current movies. I have no doubts that the series was inspired by the tremendous success of Marvel's Star Wars specials: their six-issue comic-book adaptation of the movie was repackaged as a … Continue reading In-Shallow Profile: Marvel Super Specials

Oddities: Indiana Jones vs. the V.S.W.K!

Last week, as I was preparing the August 2020 Hatch, Match and Dispatch feature, I was paging through my (sadly incomplete) collection of Marvel UK's Indiana Jones comics when I encountered a mystery that I'd spotted back when the comics were new but about which I'd subsequently forgotten... Indiana Jones Publisher: Marvel UK From: Oct … Continue reading Oddities: Indiana Jones vs. the V.S.W.K!

Hatch, Match & Dispatch – August 2020

Welcome once again, readers, to our regular look at British comics that will be celebrating an important anniversary in the coming month. The celebrants time around include some Disney titles, a couple of appearances from everyone's favourite future law-enforcement officer, and -- from many decades back -- a cluster of story-papers aimed at grown-up women. … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – August 2020

Hatch, Match & Dispatch – October 2019

Say hello to a new monthly feature here on Rusty Staples... a comprehensive, mostly accurate, although certainly incomplete list of anniversaries of British comic launches, mergers and cancellations! First, some caveats... 1. I'm only noting the "big" anniversaries (25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90 & 100+ years), otherwise we'd be … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – October 2019

Branding: Spider-Man Comics Weekly

In the first part of this highly-acclaimed-by-me series, we looked at how the Doctor Who Weekly comic evolved into the Doctor Who Magazine magazine. This time, it's the turn of another staple of the Marvel UK publishing group, Spider-Man Comics Weekly. A spin-off from The Mighty World of Marvel -- launched four months earlier -- Spider-Man … Continue reading Branding: Spider-Man Comics Weekly