Happy 30th Birthday, Judge Dredd Megazine!

(Bear with me, folks... this one is going to ramble a bit. For a change.) Long before Judge Dredd The Megazine was launched in 1990, the words "Judge Dredd comic for older readers" were being whispered in the hallowed halls of comicdom. Although only around since 2000AD's second issue in 1977, Dredd had proved to … Continue reading Happy 30th Birthday, Judge Dredd Megazine!

Journey Planet: Battle Picture Weekly

Forty-five years ago the war comic Battle Picture Weekly crashed down into the British comics scene with such an impact that the aftershocks are still being felt today. Now, in a special double-sized issue, the award-winning fanzine Journey Planet takes a look back at this fan-favourite -- and sometimes controversial -- comic, and presents all-new … Continue reading Journey Planet: Battle Picture Weekly

In-Shallow Profile: Look Alive magazine

In the early 1980s the Powers That Be in IPC decided to test the water with a "lifestyle" magazine aimed at boys in their early-to-mid teens. There was already one-and-a-half plethoras of mags for girls in that age-range, and some of them were selling very well indeed, but there was nothing comparable for boys. So … Continue reading In-Shallow Profile: Look Alive magazine

Journey Planet #39: Judge Dredd

Now on-line, totally free and ready for you to download - the Judge Dredd issue of Journey Planet, the Hugo Award-winning fanzine! 99 pages packed with all-new articles on Dredd, the creators that shaped him, features from the folks behind the Dredd fanzines Zarjaz and Sector 13, plus interviews with Patrick Mills, John Wagner, strips, … Continue reading Journey Planet #39: Judge Dredd