Hatch, Match & Dispatch – June 2020

We're plunging headlong and blindfolded into the land of uncertainty this time around, folks, with rather too many publications that have as-yet-unverified details. (On that note, a few people have asked how one researches these old comics: where do the details come from, and what constitutes verification? Well, there's no one specific way: every collector … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – June 2020

Mistaken Identity: Doctor Doom

Sometimes comic-book characters end up having the same name, and that can happen for a number of reasons: 1. It’s a coincidence and couldn’t have been avoided. 2. The creators didn’t check. 3. The creators didn’t care. The first one definitely happened with Dennis the Menace, with both versions of the character launched in the … Continue reading Mistaken Identity: Doctor Doom

Clogging the Newsagent’s Shelves Since 1867!

(Updated! See the notes below!) All right, chums, brace yourselves and each other because we're about to sail into waters that have been very sketchily charted... There could well be dragons. There will almost certainly be errors. For the past several years I've been attempting to compile a database of every British comic and story-paper … Continue reading Clogging the Newsagent’s Shelves Since 1867!