Oddities: Indiana Jones vs. the V.S.W.K!

Last week, as I was preparing the August 2020 Hatch, Match and Dispatch feature, I was paging through my (sadly incomplete) collection of Marvel UK's Indiana Jones comics when I encountered a mystery that I'd spotted back when the comics were new but about which I'd subsequently forgotten... Indiana Jones Publisher: Marvel UK From: Oct … Continue reading Oddities: Indiana Jones vs. the V.S.W.K!

Hatch, Match & Dispatch – August 2020

Welcome once again, readers, to our regular look at British comics that will be celebrating an important anniversary in the coming month. The celebrants time around include some Disney titles, a couple of appearances from everyone's favourite future law-enforcement officer, and -- from many decades back -- a cluster of story-papers aimed at grown-up women. … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – August 2020

Journey Planet: Battle Picture Weekly

Forty-five years ago the war comic Battle Picture Weekly crashed down into the British comics scene with such an impact that the aftershocks are still being felt today. Now, in a special double-sized issue, the award-winning fanzine Journey Planet takes a look back at this fan-favourite -- and sometimes controversial -- comic, and presents all-new … Continue reading Journey Planet: Battle Picture Weekly

Pocket-Money Comics: The Complete Judge Dredd

As mentioned in this month's Hatch, Match & Dispatch feature, The Complete Judge Dredd title came to an end twenty-five years ago. Launched in February 1992, it boasted the clever tagline of "The Law in Order" and ran for forty-two monthly black-and-white issues, which isn't a bad old run for a comic that -- aside … Continue reading Pocket-Money Comics: The Complete Judge Dredd