Hatch, Match & Dispatch – September 2020

Welcome to the twelfth monthly Hatch, Match & Dispatch feature here on Rusty Staples! It's a hefty one this time, chums, and took me a rather long time to compile (I'd like to thank the decision-makers at WordPress for forcing me to use their new editor and thus making the process even longer). Standard disclaimer: … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – September 2020

Hatch, Match & Dispatch – August 2020

Welcome once again, readers, to our regular look at British comics that will be celebrating an important anniversary in the coming month. The celebrants time around include some Disney titles, a couple of appearances from everyone's favourite future law-enforcement officer, and -- from many decades back -- a cluster of story-papers aimed at grown-up women. … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – August 2020

British Comics Top-10 Issue-Count Chart – 2020 edition!

2000AD -- the legendary British Science Fiction anthology comic -- has now reached issue 2176, which means that it's time for me to fulfil the Ancient Prophecy I made in the last version of the issue-count chart and provide an updated edition. (You'll possibly have spotted that I've stopped describing these things as Longevity Charts … Continue reading British Comics Top-10 Issue-Count Chart – 2020 edition!