Retro Interview: Evan Skolnick, 1995

As long-time readers of this blog might be aware, one of my all-time favourite superhero comics is the first volume of Marvel's New Warriors (Jul 1990 to Sep 1996)... Art by Mark Bagley and Jackson Guice It's a comic that took a bunch of Marvel's discarded characters -- Nova, Firestar, Speedball, Marvel Boy and Namorita … Continue reading Retro Interview: Evan Skolnick, 1995

In-Shallow Profile: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

So, kids, back in the early 1990s Francis Ford Coppola made a big-budget adaptation of Dracula, the famous vampire novel written by Irish writer Bram Stoker (Bram is short for "Abraham" by the way -- just thought I'd get that in early in case I forget). The movie was very definitely a Big Thing because … Continue reading In-Shallow Profile: Bram Stoker’s Dracula