Hatch, Match & Dispatch – June 2020

We're plunging headlong and blindfolded into the land of uncertainty this time around, folks, with rather too many publications that have as-yet-unverified details. (On that note, a few people have asked how one researches these old comics: where do the details come from, and what constitutes verification? Well, there's no one specific way: every collector … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – June 2020

Hatch, Match & Dispatch – February 2020

Among the comics whose anniversaries we're acknowledging this month is a rarity indeed: a British boys' comic that's named after a female character. There's a prize of nine points for anyone who can guess what it is without checking! (Yes, I know, the standard prize is ten points, but these blogs ain't cheap to run, … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – February 2020