Introducing… MADCAP!

If you're a collector of comics -- especially British comics of the sort that feature rather frequently on this blog -- then I'm hoping that you'll like MADCAP! MADCAP is brand-new, exciting, zany, avant-gardey and zeitgeisty, technologically advanced, quirky, gluten-free, anti-bacterial and -- best of all -- it's available right now, and all for the … Continue reading Introducing… MADCAP!

Pocket-Money Comics: Hanna-Barbera’s Fun Time

Hanna-Barbera's Fun Time Publisher: Williams First issue: 1 November 1972 Last issue: 30 June 1973 Issues: 25 Relaunch of: Yogi and his Toy Just about anyone who grew up in the western world in the 1970s (and who has access to a TV set, which wasn't all of us, to be honest) will almost certainly … Continue reading Pocket-Money Comics: Hanna-Barbera’s Fun Time