Pocket-Money Comics: Captain America

Captain America Publisher: Marvel UK Issues: 59 First issue: 25 February 1981 Last issue: 7 April 1982 Absorbed: Marvel Action, Marvel Super Adventure By February 1981, Marvel UK had been running for nine years and had published over thirty different titles, to varying degrees of success (for example, the 1975 weekly edition of The Savage … Continue reading Pocket-Money Comics: Captain America


Can You Help Me Track Down My Guy?

“My guy’s mad at me,” sang Tracey Ullman in her gender-swapped version of the classic 1979 hit “My Girl” by Madness. I’m guessing, however, that no matter how mad Tracey’s guy was at her, I’m even madder at My Guy. That’s My Guy the magazine, of course. But why am I mad at it, I … Continue reading Can You Help Me Track Down My Guy?

Eaglution of British Comics, part 2

Buster was a monster. Buster the comic, that is, not Buster the character, who was a nice kid. His father, on the other hand, was the monster: the alcoholic, gambling-addicted, spouse-abusing Andy Capp from the same-titled cartoon strip that's been running in the British tabloid newspapers The Mirror and The Sunday Mirror since 1957. Buster … Continue reading Eaglution of British Comics, part 2

The British Comics Top-11 Longevity Chart!

Checking back over this site yesterday I spotted an error... I'd long believed that the British humour comic Buster had lasted 2080 issues: the same number of issues that the science fiction anthology comic 2000AD reaches today (9 May 2018). So I was all prepared to update my British Comics Longevity Chart. But it turns … Continue reading The British Comics Top-11 Longevity Chart!