Eaglution of British Comics, part 3

Amazingly, it turns out that comics aren't just for boys! No one saw that coming, right? Except, of course, for the countless millions of readers of non-boy-exclusive comics whose voices are still frequently being either ignored or silenced. Younger readers might find it hard to believe, but back in the day (that day being roughly … Continue reading Eaglution of British Comics, part 3


Pocket-Money Comics: Debbie

Debbie Publisher: DC Thomson Issues: 518 First issue: 17 February 1973 Last issue: 15 January 1983 Merged into: Mandy Absorbed: Spellbound As mentioned before on this blog, the first rule of British girls' comics was that the title had to be a girl's name (the only exceptions I can think of at the moment are … Continue reading Pocket-Money Comics: Debbie

The British Comics Top-11 Longevity Chart!

Checking back over this site yesterday I spotted an error... I'd long believed that the British humour comic Buster had lasted 2080 issues: the same number of issues that the science fiction anthology comic 2000AD reaches today (9 May 2018). So I was all prepared to update my British Comics Longevity Chart. But it turns … Continue reading The British Comics Top-11 Longevity Chart!