“Remind me again… What’s the publisher’s daughter’s name?”

It's long been a tradition for British comics aimed at girls to be given a girls' name (that is, a name we tend to commonly associate with female people), but -- not counting those whose title is the name of a character like Batman or Popeye -- how many comics can you list that have … Continue reading “Remind me again… What’s the publisher’s daughter’s name?”

Pocket-Money Comics: Boy’s Cinema

OK, so Boy's Cinema wasn't actually a comic. It was a weekly story-paper that specialised in prose adaptations of then-current movies. It was very popular in its heyday, many decades before Netflix and Blockbuster and the movie novelisations from the 1970s and 80s, all of which were written by Alan Dean Foster. Boy's Cinema From: … Continue reading Pocket-Money Comics: Boy’s Cinema