Pocket-Money Comics: Jet

Jet Publisher: IPC Issues: 22 First issue: 1 May 1971 Last issue: 25 September 1971 Merged into: Buster Absorbed: None Jet was one of those IPC comics with a life so brief that it almost didn't exist at all. Its first issue was cover-dated 1 May 1971 and its last was a mere twenty-two weeks … Continue reading Pocket-Money Comics: Jet


Eaglution of British Comics, part 1

As I mentioned before (in Deciphering the Logo), in 1969 the legendary British comic Eagle ended its nineteen-year run when it was absorbed into Lion, which was then absorbed into Valiant in 1974, which was in turn gobbled up by Battle in 1976, and then in 1988 it all came full-circle when Battle was consumed … Continue reading Eaglution of British Comics, part 1