“Remind me again… What’s the publisher’s daughter’s name?”

It's long been a tradition for British comics aimed at girls to be given a girls' name (that is, a name we tend to commonly associate with female people), but -- not counting those whose title is the name of a character like Batman or Popeye -- how many comics can you list that have … Continue reading “Remind me again… What’s the publisher’s daughter’s name?”

Hatch, Match & Dispatch – June 2020

We're plunging headlong and blindfolded into the land of uncertainty this time around, folks, with rather too many publications that have as-yet-unverified details. (On that note, a few people have asked how one researches these old comics: where do the details come from, and what constitutes verification? Well, there's no one specific way: every collector … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – June 2020

On this Day… March 4th

From "The Curious Case of the Crime-Less Clues", Detective Comics #364, June 1967 Script: Gardner Fox Pencils: Sheldon Moldoff (signed as Bob Kane) Inks: Joe Giella Colours: uncredited Letters: Gaspar Saladino Batman and Robin investigate a series of riddle-based clues... but the Riddler has already been apprehended. It's not a great story, let's be honest, … Continue reading On this Day… March 4th

Hatch, Match & Dispatch – January 2020

We're into 2020 now, which means that 1940 was a round number of years ago. This in turn means that this year we'll be acknowledging the anniversaries of the deaths of a lot of British comics thanks to the paper shortages of World War II. None for January, thankfully, but they're coming (spoiler: one of … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – January 2020

Super DC Bumper Book

Super DC was a forty-page monthly comic published by Top Sellers (AKA Thorpe & Porter) in the UK from June 1969 to July 1970. It reprinted American DC Comics strips alongside home-grown text features, puzzles, letters pages, etc. The strips were in black-and-white, culled from titles such as Action Comics, Detective Comics, Superboy, Superman's Pal … Continue reading Super DC Bumper Book