Branding: Doctor Who Weekly/Monthly/Magazine

Give me a new magazine and I'll spend as much time studying the design and layout as I will reading the content... In particular I find logos and branding to be fascinating. I'm aware that it's a niche interest, but we live in a market-driven world and branding is key to marketing. For a company … Continue reading Branding: Doctor Who Weekly/Monthly/Magazine


The MWOM & SMCW Timeline

"The what timeline?" I imagine that I hear you ask. Wonder no more, chum: those four-letter words that look a bit like they might be the names of Welsh TV stations are the commonly-used shortcuts for The Mighty World of Marvel and Spider-Man Comics Weekly, the first two titles released by the British wing of … Continue reading The MWOM & SMCW Timeline

The British Comics Top-10 Longevity Chart!

The British Science Fiction anthology comic 2000AD has, as of this week, reached issue 2104, which means it has overtaken War Picture Library (Amalgamated Press / Fleetway / IPC, from 1 Sep 1958 to 3 Dec 1984) in the number-of-issues stakes and thus moved into tenth place in the longevity charts. (I've decided to keep … Continue reading The British Comics Top-10 Longevity Chart!