Most Popular Posts of 2018!

Rusty Staples was launched only about eight months ago as the fly crows, but already it's in the top 100% of the most popular comic blogs ever! Amazing, I know, but there you go: you wonderful people know awesomeness when you see it! Now, to welcome in the year 2019, I'd like to take you … Continue reading Most Popular Posts of 2018!


The British Comics Top-10 Longevity Chart!

The British Science Fiction anthology comic 2000AD has, as of this week, reached issue 2104, which means it has overtaken War Picture Library (Amalgamated Press / Fleetway / IPC, from 1 Sep 1958 to 3 Dec 1984) in the number-of-issues stakes and thus moved into tenth place in the longevity charts. (I've decided to keep … Continue reading The British Comics Top-10 Longevity Chart!

Journey Planet #39: Judge Dredd

Now on-line, totally free and ready for you to download - the Judge Dredd issue of Journey Planet, the Hugo Award-winning fanzine! 99 pages packed with all-new articles on Dredd, the creators that shaped him, features from the folks behind the Dredd fanzines Zarjaz and Sector 13, plus interviews with Patrick Mills, John Wagner, strips, … Continue reading Journey Planet #39: Judge Dredd

Altered Images: 2000AD Annual 1980

The cover of the 1980 2000AD Annual (art by Gerry Woods) is a minor classic, but it’s always bugged me that Judge Dredd’s visor, glove and elbow-pad were the wrong colour… So I’ve fixed them... Some folks on-line pointed out that Bill Savage's head is disproportionately large, and Tharg isn't quite green enough, so I've … Continue reading Altered Images: 2000AD Annual 1980

Desert Island Comics – Michael Carroll

(Originally published on Forbidden Planet International blog, September 8, 2012, edited by Richard Bruton.) The latest poor desert islander, marooned with just a single luxury and a set of their favourite 8 comics ever, is Michael Carroll. Michael’s the creator of the highly-acclaimed Quantum Prophecy series of young adult superhero novels, and the newest writer … Continue reading Desert Island Comics – Michael Carroll