Noncomics: Superheroes, edited by Michel Parry

From a time before it was common to encounter superheroes in prose fiction comes this intriguing anthology of superhero-themed short stories. Editor Michel Parry introduces the book, and he does seem to know his stuff: he's dedicated it to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (creators of Superman) and Stan Lee (of whom I'm pretty sure … Continue reading Noncomics: Superheroes, edited by Michel Parry

Hatch, Match & Dispatch – February 2020

Among the comics whose anniversaries we're acknowledging this month is a rarity indeed: a British boys' comic that's named after a female character. There's a prize of nine points for anyone who can guess what it is without checking! (Yes, I know, the standard prize is ten points, but these blogs ain't cheap to run, … Continue reading Hatch, Match & Dispatch – February 2020

Most Popular Posts of 2019!

I'm happy to announce that Rusty Staples' sophomore year ("sophomore" is American high-school slang for "second") was even more successful than its first, even despite the four-month drought in the summer when I was too busy to post anything (due to a heavy workload, a week's holiday in London, the World Science Fiction Convention in … Continue reading Most Popular Posts of 2019!