Enfari’s Syndrome: School Fun

At first, the very idea seems ludicrous: a school-themed comic! That's like... chocolate-coated cauliflower or a puppy made of pointy gravel. Comics are for enjoyment, school is for enduring. How can the two possibly be combined? Well, back in the ancient olden days when the story-papers ruled supreme, a huge proportion of child-targeted publications were … Continue reading Enfari’s Syndrome: School Fun

“Remind me again… What’s the publisher’s daughter’s name?”

It's long been a tradition for British comics aimed at girls to be given a girls' name (that is, a name we tend to commonly associate with female people), but -- not counting those whose title is the name of a character like Batman or Popeye -- how many comics can you list that have … Continue reading “Remind me again… What’s the publisher’s daughter’s name?”