Eaglution of British Comics, part 2

Buster was a monster. Buster the comic, that is, not Buster the character, who was a nice kid. His father, on the other hand, was the monster: the alcoholic, gambling-addicted, spouse-abusing Andy Capp from the same-titled cartoon strip that's been running in the British tabloid newspapers The Mirror and The Sunday Mirror since 1957. Buster … Continue reading Eaglution of British Comics, part 2


Pocket-Money Comics: Jet

Jet Publisher: IPC Issues: 22 First issue: 1 May 1971 Last issue: 25 September 1971 Merged into: Buster Absorbed: None Jet was one of those IPC comics with a life so brief that it almost didn't exist at all. Its first issue was cover-dated 1 May 1971 and its last was a mere twenty-two weeks … Continue reading Pocket-Money Comics: Jet

The British Comics Top-11 Longevity Chart!

Checking back over this site yesterday I spotted an error... I'd long believed that the British humour comic Buster had lasted 2080 issues: the same number of issues that the science fiction anthology comic 2000AD reaches today (9 May 2018). So I was all prepared to update my British Comics Longevity Chart. But it turns … Continue reading The British Comics Top-11 Longevity Chart!