Branding: Spider-Man Comics Weekly

In the first part of this highly-acclaimed-by-me series, we looked at how the Doctor Who Weekly comic evolved into the Doctor Who Magazine magazine. This time, it's the turn of another staple of the Marvel UK publishing group, Spider-Man Comics Weekly. A spin-off from The Mighty World of Marvel -- launched four months earlier -- Spider-Man … Continue reading Branding: Spider-Man Comics Weekly

Noncomics: Spider-Man – “Bells of Doom!!”

Spider-Man: Bells of Doom!! is one of a series of audio adventures based around your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. When I was a very young kid I thought that phrase meant that he was only the Spider-Man for friendly neighbourhoods, and I always wanted to see the Spider-Man who swung around the hostile neighbourhoods. Over four … Continue reading Noncomics: Spider-Man – “Bells of Doom!!”

Best Cover EVER: Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

(Originally published on Forbidden Planet International blog, November 4, 2012, edited by Richard Bruton.) So, what is the best cover EVER? That’s the question we’ve been asking over the last few months. And of course, everyone has a different answer… which is great, because that means we can show you lots of wonderful comic cover … Continue reading Best Cover EVER: Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man