Bea: The Rarest Marvel UK Comic?

(Note: This was originally published on the always excellent but sadly-missed 2000AD and Beyond blog) For a few years now I’ve been steadily compiling a list of all the comics (and story-papers) ever published in the UK. The list is nowhere near complete (it currently contains 1,559 different titles: I’m guessing that I’ve passed the … Continue reading Bea: The Rarest Marvel UK Comic?


The Titans #1: Free Poster

Free with issue #1 of The Titans (Marvel UK, 25 October 1975), this rather crowded but still gorgeous poster by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott. It's about 400x466mm (15.8x18.4 inches)... I've cleaned up the scan to remove the folds, creases, and thumb-tack holes, and I've punched up the colours a bit! For comparison, the original … Continue reading The Titans #1: Free Poster