Comics on TV: Back in Time for the Corner Shop

BBC2’s excellent Back in Time for the Corner Shop is a show that sends a modern family “back in time” to run an old-fashioned corner shop, with all the restrictions and rules commensurate to the era, including having to deal with imperial measurement, food-shortages, ration books, pre-decimal currency, etc. It’s an extremely engaging show, chiefly thanks to the family themselves and their irrepressible enthusiasm and commitment to the show’s ideals.

After starting in the Victoria era, each episode jumps ahead a decade or two, and last night’s episode reached the 1980s… and Ardern’s corner shop was stocked with publications appropriate to the era.

And that meant… comics! Hooray!

(Please forgive the fuzziness: I had to photograph the TV screen!)

It’s hard to identify most of the comics on the shelf there — this is the best look we get at them — but there’s clearly a 2000AD prog and two copies of Look-In there…

2000AD #154, 1 Mar 1980:
Robo-Hunter by the great Ian Gibson!

Look-In, 26 Feb 1983

Look-In, 4 May 1985

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